New Planar Transformers

Our product line consists of nine standard package sizes covering broad range of power from 10 to 10,000 watts. We deliver custom magnetics on the basis of standard packages. Every size can be customized for most popular power topologies and appropriate switching frequency. Packages are based on our proprietary cores ER025, ER035, ER055, ER075, ER110, ER135, ER220, ER350, and ER560. Core description always starts with ER because this is an industry standard abbreviation for a core with round center leg and straight outer walls that still looks like a letter “E” in profile. A three-digit number after letters ER identifies an effective cross-section area of a core in square millimeters. Below are nine transformers that are offered:

P025 transformer
P035 transformer
P055 transformer
P075 transformer
P110 transformer
P135 transformer
P220 transformer
P350 transformer
P560 transformer

Each core has a library of available multi and double-layer printed circuit boards / planar windings, etched or stamped copper leadframes, and insulators. We combine different printed circuit board based planar windings with a number of single turn leadframes, insulate them from the core and each other when appropriate, and bond planar “stack” and the core together. Each construction is unique and produces a custom transformer or inductor that will be highly repetitive in production. PQC does not offer standard transformers. We will design a custom planar magnetics for every qualified application.

Table 1 is a basic selection matrix for transformers. It is recommended to consider this table as useful guide only. Power capacity of every core varies greatly as a function of converter topology, operating frequency, available cooling, isolation requirements, and input/output currents.


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