P055 Planar Transformers for 50 to 200 watt DC-DC converters


Transformers in our proprietary package P055 are designed to be used in 50-200W DC-DC converters switching in 175 to 300 kHz range. With a very small footprint of 0.8 inch and heights as low as 0.300” to 0.500” these parts are ideally suited for demanding, high power density, and high quality and efficiency applications. P055 transformers and complementing i055 inductors are available for both through-hole and surface mount (SMD) boards.Through-hole package is shown on P055 Through-Hole page. There are two SMD packages, which are shown on SMD-055 page. All PQC SMD packages are protected by U.S. PATENT No. 7,129,809.

P055 based products are ideally suited for hardened aerospace and military applications. At the same time, due to our patented SMD package and state of the art construction, we were able to reduce assembly cost, thus qualifying P055 for low cost telecom, computer and other commercial applications. All popular power converter topologies, such as forward, flyback, half bridge, push-pull and others can be provided in P055 planar package as transformers or inductors.

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