New Planar Magnetics Products

Since the launch of our product line in June of 2005 we introduced ten standard package sizes covering broad range of power from 10 to 30,000 watts. We deliver custom magnetics on the basis of standard sizes. Every size can be customized for most popular power topologies and appropriate switching frequency. Every package can be used as either a transformer, or a differential mode inductor for a single or multi-output converter. Below are nine pairs of transformers and inductors that we are offering:

P025 transformer and i025 inductor
P035 transformer and i035 inductor
P055 transformer and i055 inductor
P075 transformer and i075 inductor
P110 transformer and i110 inductor
P135 transformer and i135 inductor
P220 transformer and i220 inductor
P350 transformer and i350 inductor
P560 transformer and i560 inductor
P1100 transformer and i1100 inductor

Each core has a library of available multi and double-layer printed circuit boards / planar windings, etched or stamped copper leadframes, and insulators. Sizes from 025 to 110 are available with SMD headers. We combine different printed circuit board based planar windings with a number of single turn leadframes, insulate them from the core and each other when appropriate, and bond planar “stack” and the core together. Each construction is unique and produces a custom transformer or inductor that will be highly repetitive in production. PQC does not offer standard transformers, but we do offer a line of standard single-winding inductors. We will design a custom planar magnetics for every qualified application.

Table 1 is a basic selection guide for transformers, and Table 2 is a matrix that shows current capacity and maximum available inductance of our standard inductors. It is recommended to consider both tables as useful guides only. For example, the power capacity of every core varies greatly as a function of converter topology, operating frequency, available cooling, isolation requirements, and input/output currents. For a more detailed description of every type of transformer and inductor click on a relevant four digit part description. For example, a link to P075 transformer will lead to a general description of P075 applications and to other P075 related links, such as P075A and P075B surface mounted versions (SMD), P075C, P075D, and P075E through hole versions, etc. Almost every version will show one or more specific designs to be considered as examples. Every example will have a mechanical drawing and a circuit diagram

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