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i025 for Through Hole Applications

SMD inductors in our proprietary package i025 (USA PAT. 7,129,809) are designed to be used in high density/ high reliability DC-DC converters with up to 30 ADC rated output. Typical applications are military and aerospace systems where high efficiency, low profile and high repeatability are of the most importance. In addition to tough electrical specifications these inductors have small footprints and very low profiles, such as 0.200" to 0.300". They can operate without any air flow for cooling and may be attached to a substrate / heatsink with controlled temperature. Because of unique SMD header/ custom core combination, there is a direct thermal contact between bottom of ferrite core and heat dissipating substrate. Header also provides stable and precise co-planarity of terminals on both sides of the package. Inductors can be customized, and multi-winding coupled inductors are also available. An example of a dual-winding SMD inductor based on i025 package is shown below.


PQC1186, Description: i025-4-16


  1. Dimensions are in inches
  2. Drawing not to scale, not all details are shown
  3. Dimension tolerance +/- 2% unless noted

P/N 1186 Specification

1. Maximum average rated current



1.1. Main Winding (Pins 6-10):



1.2. Aux Winding (Pins 1-5):


2. Operating ambient range (full load)

-55 °C to + 100°C

3. Inductance at rated current over temperature range



3.1.Main Winding (Pins 6-10): -10% + 25%:

2.0 uH


3.2. Aux Winding (Pins 1-5):

32.0 uH

4. Max. DC Resistance Main Winding (4 turns):

2.5 mOhm

5. Max. DC Resistance Aux Winding (17 turns):

330 mOhm

6. Maximum Power Dissipation At Full Power:


7. Minimum Isolation Voltage



7.1. Winding - To - Winding:

500 VDC


7.2. Any Winding - To - Core:

500 VDC

8. Minimum Insulation Resistance at 500VDC:

10 Mega Ohm

9. Maximum Weight:

7 gramm

10. Maximum Temperature Rise, when bonded to +100 °C heatsink:



Maximum ripple current pk-to-pk



Maximum peak current in main winding



Maximum peak current in Aux. winding




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