Company Profile

PQC is a technology leader in the field of high frequency planar power magnetics ranging from 10W to 30 kW. We are an American company with a worldwide presence. We design, produce and market state-of-the-art planar transformers and inductors for aerospace, military, and commercial applications. Our R&D center located in South Florida works closely with engineers and managers in power conversion field, providing expedient, highly reliable, cost-effective designs, that have very consistent parameters, easier to cool and integrate into customer power supplies and DC-DC converters. In most cases our products are smaller, more efficient, and generate less EMI than competing products. These and other advantages greatly benefit our customers by improving performance of their power systems, while yielding required power at a higher power density and in many cases at a lower cost. We manufacture all prototypes and small to medium lots at out facility in Florida, while high volume commercial lots are produced by our partners in Asia.

We pioneered planar power magnetics in 1986 and hold a number of patents in this area.






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