Planar Magnetics Design and Order Process


Our product strategy is to provide maximum flexibility in customization based on standardization of cores, planar windings, and insulators. Our Engineering Department works very closely with power supply design engineers in order to select an optimum product for every application. To address specific customer requirements we developed the Transformer Prototype Request Form and the Inductor Prototype Request Form. We ask our customers to take time to fill out the forms, or request that we complete the form for them, based on verbal or written information provided to us. Once we have identified the customer’s major requirements, our engineers will proceed to design magnetics and present a paper solution to the customer for comments. Together, we will revise the requirements and design to result in the best possible magnetics for the customer’s application. Prototype orders will be shipped within 2-4 weeks ARO, depending upon the complexity and availability of raw materials. When and if custom planar windings are required, PQC will quote them as separate line items, and delivery of prototypes will be expended to 6-8 weeks ARO. Expedited 1 week service is available upon request and at an additional cost provided raw materials are in stock. All military and space products as well as small runs of commercial products are made in the U.S. by our highly skilled and experienced personnel, while medium to high volumes of commercial products are assembled and tested by our Asian partners. Those commercial products which are built in Asia under our supervision can be shipped either directly to our American and European customers, or to their assembly subcontractors around the world.


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